Famous designer, art director, Internet design expert, commercial design consultant, and founder of Superdabao.

DaBao has worked for 14 years as the core design director of the founding team of Didi Financial Business Unit, as well as well-known domestic Internet companies and large communication groups such as Tencent Technology (QQ, Tencent design team), Ogilvy, Asahi Insa, etc. It has been involved in brand creativity, user experience design, operation growth design and software and hardware product definition, and has won many well-known awards and design patents in the industry.

Launched a podcast, “Dabao Dialogue Designer”, with the largest number of vertical subscriptions, and the total network listening volume exceeded 8 million+
Wrote a book “Design Questions and Answers for Everyone”, which was printed after 3 months of listing, with a score of 8.5 for watercress
Run a paid community “Dabao Private Class” to provide growth empowerment for 1500+designers
Served as a consultant to provide design consultation and expert guidance of professional courses for many enterprises, entrepreneurial teams and design universities

「Super Dabao/SUPERDABAO」 design consulting company was founded in May 2022. The core members are design experts, 3D and illustrators from Baidu, Didi, Ogilvy, Shiqu and Zhengbang, who create value for the enterprise in the design fields of brand, marketing, operation growth and user experience.