YES I CAN Brand Design

夜思 爱看 品牌T恤设计

Brand T-shirt Design

YEAR: 2018-9
CLIENT: Superdabao


这期间一切的思考与发酵,在找到这四个字之后,无论内在和寓意上都能恰好匹配我们设计师这类人在经过数年职业塑造过后形成的“气质”。经过重新设计的这四个字 “夜思” “爱看” 是一种设计师眉眼之间看过就会懂的状态。

Most of the designers are keen and delicate. They have their own aesthetic preferences, but they are highly consistent in certain habits and consciousness levels. Like to think alone, like to read graphics, like to get information from the screen. Creativity and inspiration are the life of designers. Each designer has a pair of sharp eyes under the calm performance, but there is a crazy universe in his heart.

All the thinking and fermentation during this period, after finding these four words, both internally and morally, can exactly match the “temperament” formed by people like designers after years of professional shaping. The redesigned four words “night thinking” and “love looking” are a state that designers can understand when they read them between their eyebrows and eyes.